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I have a lot of OCs I'm not using anymore so instead of letting them rot in my folders I decided to put them for sale.

• I'm only taking points ( or money via Paypal ) this time but keep at mind that I'll sell most of them for a very low price !

Bullet; Purple Once you adopt you can change the gender, specy, etc. And feel free to alter the design as much as you'd like ! 

If you have a question feel free to ask !


Open PComms by Enjoumou  PAYPAL Accept by Enjoumou

-Type of Commission:
-Payment Method : 
-Character reference[s] :
-Do you want a specific expression or pose ?:
-Do you want a specific background ? :
-Do you want me to send you sketches or any other updates ? :
-Do you accept me to post the finish commission on my gallery ? :
-Anything else to tell me ? :

Terms of service 

• I won't start until I'll receive the full payment. However, if I have a few others things to finish first, I'll ask you to send the payment right before I'll start your commission. 
• I don't work with a deadline. But keep at mind that I will always do your commission as fast as possible. If it takes me longer than it should then you will be informed.
• You have the right to ask me for sketch approvols and any other updates.
• If you refuse to receive sketches and then you're unsatisfied with the outcome for any reasons I'll make some edits however I won't redo it entirely UNLESS if made mistakes such as getting the pose or design wrong.
• You can ask me for a refund but however, if I've already started to work on your commissions I won't refund you for what I did. For example, if you ask me for shaded fullbody with a background and the sketch is already finished, I'll only refund you the price of the lineart, the shading and the background. 
• I have the right to decline a commission at any time for any reason but I'll always give you a full refund.
• As a commissioner you may repost the piece you've paid for but however you must credit me.
• Feel free to ask me if you have any questions !
• Je commencerai une commande uniquement après avoir reçu la totalité du payement. Par contre, si j'ai d'autres dessins à finir en premiers je vous demanderai d'attendre un peu et de ne payer qu'uniquement avant que je commence votre commande.
• Je n'accepte pas de date limite pour mes commandes. En revanche, sachez que j'essayerai toujours de terminer mes commandes aussi rapidement que possible et si jamais cela me prend plus longtemps que prévu vous en serez informé. 
• Vous avez le droit de me demander de vous envoyer des sketchs ainsi que tout avancement avant que je continue votre commande.
• Si jamais vous ne voulez pas que je vous envoie de sketch mais vous êtes insatisfait avec le résultat je pourrai faire quelques changements mais en revanche je ne referai pas entièrement le dessin SAUF si il y a erreur de ma part comme par exemple la pose ou le design qui ne correspond pas à ce que vous avez demandé.
• J'ai le droit de décliner votre commande à n'importe quel moment et pour n'importe quelle raison mais vous serez remboursé intégralement
• Vous avez le droit de reposter la commande que j'ai réalisé pour vous mais en revanche vous devez toujours me créditer. 
• N'hésitez surtout pas à me poser des questions !


Bullet; Purple I don't mind drawing gore and sexual content. 
Bullet; Purple I won't draw anything homophobic, sexist, racist or offensive.

I will draw : 
Bullet; Green Humans
Bullet; Green Animals ( cats, dogs, wolves, hyenas, lynxes, foxes, lions, etc... ) 
Bullet; Green FNAF fan characters
Bullet; Green Lionesses
Bullet; Green Closed species : Fantsuekos, Soulfoxes, Waterdogs, Sushidogs... 
Bullet; Green ARPG species : Umbras, Tokotas, Felvargs, Vespers,... 
Bullet; Green Anthropomorphic, as long as your character is one of the species list above. 

Ask me about
Bullet; Yellow Rabbits, mice, rats, ferrets
Bullet; Yellow Dragons 
Bullet; Yellow Horses / MLP characters
I won't draw :
Bullet; Red Reptiles
Bullet; Red Insects
Bullet; Red Mechanical stuffs 
Bullet; Red Overdetailed characters.
Bullet; Red Too many characters on the same drawing.


Prices and examples


Flat : 150 Points / 1,5$
Shaded : 240 Points / 2,4$
-You will get one version with a transparent background and one with a simple colored background.
-I may not post them on my gallery. 
-I can draw more than one character in the same picture however the characters won't be interacting with each other.
Meet Jupiter ( Commission example ) by LysitheaWO  Rita ( Art trade ) by LysitheaWO 



Lineart : 200 Points / 2$
Flat : 230Points / 2,3$
Shaded : 310 Points / 3.1$
Background : Between 150Points/1,5$ - 280 Points/2.8$ depending on complexity 
-If you don't ask for a background you will get one version with a transparent background and one with a simple colored background.
Flowers by LysitheaWO


WAIST UP ( more examples to come ! )


Lineart : 380 Points / 3.8$
Flat : 420 Points / 4.2$
Shaded : 530Points / 5,3$
Background : Between 200Points/2$ - 400Points/ 4$ depending on complexity 
-If you don't ask for a background you will get one version with a transparent background and one with a simple colored background.

Sunset by LysitheaWO   Samael by LysitheaWO   Swallowpaw ( Art Trade ) by LysitheaWO


FULLBODY ( more examples to come ! )


Lineart : 540 Points / 5,4$ 
Flat : 590 Points / 5.9$
Shaded : 740 Points / 7,4$
Background : Between 300Points/3$ - 600Points/6$ depending on complexity 
-If you don't ask for a background you will get one version with a transparent background and one with a simple colored background.
  Sunlight by LysitheaWO   Warriors - Brightpaw by LysitheaWO 




Flat : 60 Points / 0.60$
Shaded : 85 Points / 0.85$
-You will get one version with a transparent background and one with a simple colored background.
-Humans only.
-I may not post them on my gallery. 
-I can draw more than one character in the same picture however the characters won't be interacting with each other.
Chibi3 by LysitheaWO  Chibi2 by LysitheaWO


Bullet; Purple I also plan to add more items such as icons, journal dolls, fullbody chibis, pixel and lineless art soon so stay tuned ! Bullet; Purple 

I post another one since the other got full !

Star! The first ten people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list! 

Star! If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot.

Star! The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! If you don't re-do it you will be taken off the list.

1) LotusLostInParis 
Autumn Venture by LotusLostInParis  Winter Chase by LotusLostInParis Alolan Challenge 1- Favorite Starter! by LotusLostInParis

2) rusticc
9. leafpool by rusticc  its pasteiwingz with an i as in by rusticc  man kidnaps bee and forces it to watch bee movie by rusticc

Commission- Wynters Warmth by FINTRON  Azog by FINTRON  Oh My Dear, Oh Honey by FINTRON

4) KyubiHitashi
Underground Tunnel On The Forest. by KyubiHitashi  Subdue Interrogation by KyubiHitashi  Inside The Tunnel Base. by KyubiHitashi

5) Oceanshell123
S t a r s by Oceanshell123  Background Practice by Oceanshell123  I'm My Own Garden by Oceanshell123

6) NotYourKitten
Burn This House Down [Speed Paint] by NotYourKitten  Don't freak out by NotYourKitten  Dark Enough [Malik] by NotYourKitten

7) Mirakuria
[C] Nightsouls part 2 by Mirakuria  [COMM] Nightsouls by Mirakuria  [GA]  rainbowpanda101 by Mirakuria




Core and points giveaway by DaniGhost
Core + Point Giveaway! (5 DAYS LEFT)Heyo! I haven't done a giveaway in ages because I wanted to get some clarity on what giveaways are allowed, but since the kinds I've been doing have been following the rules this whole time then I'm good! (rip tho I deleted all my old ones because I thought they were breaking the rules)
ANYWAYS let's get to it!
- 3 months of core
- 1,200 :points:
- 1 month of core 
- 400 :points:
There's gonna be lots of ways to enter! None of these are mandatory, so just do as many or as few as you'd like. ^^ The more you do, the more entries you get though ~
 Favorite this journal!
 Tag 3 or more people! HOW TO TAG

400 points raffle by GaIaxyGazer
Small 400 point raffle! (Plus other prizes!)500 watchers!
Hja there's a lot of you...
Anyway I'm gonna do a little raffle!
It'll be drawn on the 26th, let's go!


Watchers Only. (New watchers welcome, unwatch after and you'll be blacklisted, yadadadadaa.)
No edited comments/multiple comments/commenting again/using multiple accounts.
Include "Joel is real" in your comment to prove you've read the rules. (Or you will not be entered.)
Link where you shared the journal in your comment.

How to enter:

Be a watcher.
Share the journal.
Comment below.

How to get extra entries:

Tag up to 3 people, each person = +1 ticket. (No more than 3, please.)
Join Demonic-Space +1 ticket.(Only if you're interested in the species, leave the group afterwards and you'll be blacklisted from all future events.)
You can fill out this if you wanna (if it helps you, not mandatory)
Joined Group:

400 DA points! (

Adoptables ( and free ones ) by HeartlessDemonAsil
Open! Cheap Adoptables ALSO FREE ONES!!!! by HeartlessDemonAsil

Points, art and character raffle by justinnsm 
[CLOSED] Raffle/Thanks for 200+ Watchers! by justinnsm

Points raffle and contest by Aurora-Alley
OPEN 5,000 points in avatar contest + free raffleTrophy Emote 2Give it to meGive it to meGive it to meGive it to meGive it to meTrophy Emote 2
Avatar contest prizes:
little star  Top 3 entries receive 1,500 points each, a permanent feature on my front page and a watch from me
little star  Nice avatars that didn't win will be given honourable mentions, 5 points each, a permanent feature on my front page and a fav from me

Art/custom raffle by Wizardriz
free art/custom raffleexamples of my customs/redesigns:
examples of my art:
to enter:
1. create a journal linking to this one
2. comment with your journal linked
that's it! You'll be in the draw to win free art, a custom, a redesign or anything you wish.
Please note that I won't draw NSFW!
good luck and may the odds be ever in your favour
people currently in the draw:

I stole this from Naroline 

Zodiac sign:

Aries - ThunderClan

Leo - ThunderClan

Sagittarius - ThunderClan

Cancer - RiverClan

Scorpio - RiverClan

Pisces - RiverClan

Taurus - ShadowClan

Virgo - ShadowClan

Capricorn - ShadowClan

Gemini - WindClan

Libra - WindClan

Aquarius - WindClan


January - White fur

February - Dark brown tabby fur

March - Mottled brown fur

April - Tabby fur

May - Tortoiseshell fur

June - Gray fur

July - Ginger fur

August - Calico fur

September - Cream fur

October - Black fur

November - Brown tabby fur

December - Blue-gray fur


The first portion of your warrior name.

A - Amber

B - Birch

C - Crow

D - Dawn

E - Ember

F - Feather

G - Gorse

H - Hail

I - Ivy

J - Jay

K - Kestrel

L - Leaf

M - Morning

N - Night

O - Owl

P - Pebble 

Q - Quick

R - Rain

S - Storm

T - Thistle

U - Umber

V - Vine

W - White

X - Xylem

Y - Yellow

Z - Zap


The second part of your warrior name

RED - Stripe 



GREEN - Whisker

BLUE - Sky

PURPLE - Heart

WHITE - Pelt

BLACK - Claw


GRAY - Tail

PINK - Shade


First letter of your last name

A, B, C - Medicine cat apprentice

D, E, F - Medicine cat

G, H, I - Warrior

J, K, L - Clan leader (change name to -star) 

M, N, O - Warrior

P, Q, R - Deputy

S, T, U - Elder

V, W, X Y, Z - Warrior

So I'm a cream cat named Gorseheart, deputy of Shadowclan ;w;

Yep, I like stealing memes
I don't like tagging because I don't want to bother people so feel free to do it if you'd like 8D

[/] You have an OC that resembles yourself ( some of my characters can have a personnality a bit similar to mine but no entirely ) 

[] One of your OC's has your name

[X] You have OC's that are siblings ( Nausicaa and Ismira, Mintpaw and Rainbowpaw, ... ) 

[X] You are constantly drawing your OC's 

[X] You constantly receive positive feedback about one or more of your OC's ( not only on DA, I have wonderful friends who follow the stories I made with my OC's, thanks you for that guys :hug: )

|total: 3,5


[X] You have more than five OC's ( That's the least I can say xD )

[X] Your OC's are varied 

[X] You have a main OC whom you love the most out of all your OC's

[] Your OC's are mostly mythical ( not really, though a lot of them have an unrealistic design )

[/] A lot of your OC's were adoptables ( Nope, except my ARPG characters and a few others )

|total: 3.5


[X] You have a 'bad boy' or 'bad girl' OC ( Wolfpaw ) 

[X] You have a girly OC ( Ismira )

[X] You have a 'cool' or 'sly' OC ( Finola, Spencer )

[X] You have a sporty OC ( Spencer )

[X] You have a fun OC ( Pantherpaw )

|total: 5


[] You have a lot of 'perfect' OC's

[X] You have a lot of 'imperfect' OC's ( All of them are imperfects )

[/] Most of your OC's are part of a fandom ( I have OC's from Warriors and FNAF )

[/] Most of your OC's are non-fandom

[X] You have an OC that isn't straight

|total: 3


[] You have gotten a polished toy, framed art, etc. made of your OC

[/] You are constantly talking about your OC's to friends ( I love talking about my OC's but I'm careful not to bother people with them lmao ) 

[] The first thing you did on dA was make an OC ( I have OCS way before DA )

[X] Your OC participates in a role play ( It's been a while though ) 

[/] You have made your OC in a game ( I'm planning to ! I'm already working on a FNAF fangame with a friend but honestly I'm not sure it'll ever be finished )

|total: 2


|| totals added: 17


Now add all your totals together.

Then times them by 4.

Then title your journal as "I'm __% addicted to my OC's"

Hey everyone ! 

Since I don't post as much as I wish to I wanted to make a little update on a few things. 

• I've recently told you that I'll make a common references for my Warriors and humans characters and I'm still working on it. I was supposed to post the first this week but I decided it would be better to wait a little to improve on the anatomy, so I won't start it until a few weeks. The first Warriors reference sheet will count 12 characters. Then I'll work on my 16 humans characters reference sheet and I'll post the last part of my Warriors reference which will count 16 characters.

• I'm also currently workings on two drawings ! The first ( which, I hope, will be post this week ) will feature Lysithea and my brand new fursona and the other four of my human characters. 

• I have a few traditionnal drawings I'll post as soon as I'll be able to scan them in a good quality. 

• I've recently joined this ARPG ( Art Role Play Game ) group :  and adopted this pretty girl :
Leitha ( Umbra ) by LysitheaWO
I know some of you don't like ARPG but I can assure you I won't spam you with this specy. 

• I don't know when but there are a few of my old drawings I'd like to finish : 
Shocked Jewel by LysitheaWO  ~They live inside us... by LysitheaWO  ~ Not the same ( Contest entry ) by LysitheaWO

• It's been a while since I haven't post any FNAF or Warriors content but I'm still in those two fandoms and I plan to do more fanart as soon as I can.

• Finally, if you haven't seen I'm taking a shaded bust commissons <3
~ Taking some shaded headshot commissionsHi there ! 
Since I have more free time now I'll take some headshot commissions. There are unlimited slots for now ! 
Points 120 points each. 
Bullet; Purple I can draw humans, cats, dogs, wolves, hyenas, foxes, animatronics, MLP, ...
Bullet; Purple I won't draw realistic horses, dragons, insects or birds 
They will be similar to this one ( more examples to come ) : 
Fill this form if you're interested :
-Reference(s) : 
-Expression : 
-Background color : 
-Do you want me to give you WIPS/sketches ? : 
-Do you want to receive the unshaded version ? : 
-Anything more ? : 

Thanks for reading ;w; So as you can see I have a lot of projects but it will take some time since I'm pretty slow on drawing but I'll really try to be more active !

Have a nice day and feel free to talk to me if you'd like <3 

A question to my french watchers

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 2:40 PM
I'm currently working on my Warriors characters' references and I need some help to translate some of the names, so if you guys could help me that would be great x3 


Je travaille en ce moment sur les références de mes personnages de LGDC et j'aurais besoin d'aide pour traduire certains des noms, merci beaucoup d'avance x3 

Thanks ! 

Star! The first ten people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list! 

Star! If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot.

Star! The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! If you don't re-do it you will be taken off the list.

1) ChocoWhite-QueenDuck 
FNAF | Just distractions by ChocoWhite-QueenDuck  FNaF World - See what you've all done? by ChocoWhite-QueenDuck  Golden Freddy (REMAKE) by ChocoWhite-QueenDuck

2) InsertN
Nightmare Toy Bonnie - full body reveal by InsertN  FNatF Drawing by InsertN  [1/3] Toy Hyska the Hyena by InsertN

3) MarzipanDoodles 
Candy by MarzipanDoodles  Claws Out! by MarzipanDoodles  Freedom by MarzipanDoodles

4) Quidamity
Coloring is not my Strength - yet. by Quidamity  31 of 365 by Quidamity  168 of 365 by Quidamity

5) Eleynah 
Request: Jewel (Black and white version) by Eleynah  Psst.. Got something for ye! by Eleynah  Theon and Sansa by Eleynah
6) Vioda
Fullbody commission by Vioda  Furreon Tile commission by Vioda  Tatiana walk cycle by Vioda

7) HedgieMuffins 
bunbon by HedgieMuffins  Toy Foxy by HedgieMuffins  -Hallway- by HedgieMuffins

8) Paperwiings 
[Contest entry] Running with tigers by Paperwiings  Until All The Fire Is Gone by Paperwiings  Extinguish by Paperwiings


10) @TheOutli3R
New Friends. by TheOutli3R  The HuffleWolves by TheOutli3R  Disney Delight. by TheOutli3R
You can ask me absolutely everything and I'll answer to everybody 

How many OCs do you have?

Honestly I don't know, since I'm developping a few stories I don't know if I must count all the characters in it, even the ones who appear only a few times. For the questions below I will only count my main characters.

Gender and Love
You have an OC that is...

(x) Male
(x) Female
() Intersex
() Non-binary or genderqueer
(x) Genderfluid
(x) Transgender
(x) Heterosexual
(x) Bisexual
(x) Homosexual
() Polysexual
(x) Pansexual
(x) Asexual
() Demisexual
() Aromantic
() Polyamorous
(x) Single
() Dating
() Engaged
() Married 
() Divorced
() Widowed
(x) In a civil partnership
(x) In an open relationship
(x) In a poly relationship
13 of 24

Race and ethnicity
You have an OC who is...
(x) Black
(x) Caucasian
(x) Latina/o
() Indian ( but I'm going to create one )
() Asian
(x) Middle Eastern
(x) Native American
(x) Pacific Islander
(x) Another race or ethnicity
(x) A race or ethnicity or your own creation
(x) Multiracial

9 of 11

You have an OC that is...
(x) Christian
() Jewish
() Hindu
() Buddhist
() Islamic
() Pagan or Wiccan
(x) Satanist
() Another religion
() A religion of your own creation
(x) Agnostic
(x) Atheist
(x) Pro-LGBTQA+
(x) Anti-LGBTQA+ 
(x) Pro-choice
(x) Pro-life

8 of 15

Illnesses and disabilities
You have an OC with...
() Cancer 
( ) Lupus
(x) Diabetes
() Crohn's
(x) Depression 
(x) Anxiety
(x) Bi-polar disorder or bi-polar depression
(x) Schizophrenia
(x) PTSD
(x) Self-harming habits or tendencies 
(x) Alcoholism (or is a recovered alcoholic)
(x) Drug addiction (or is a recovered addict)
(x) Asperger's, Autism, or another form of ASD
( ) Down's Syndrome
() Infertility issues
(x) Allergies
(x) Insomnia
() A missing limb, multiple missing limbs, or prosthetics
(x) Blindness or a missing eye
() Deafness
() The inability to speak
() Confinement to a wheelchair
 () Paralysis
(x) Another illness or disability
(x) An illness or disability of your own creation

15 of 26

You have an OC from...
(x) North America
() Central America
(x) South America
(x) The Caribbean Islands
(x) Europe
(x) The United Kingdom
 (x) The Middle East
() Africa
() Asia
(x) Russia
() India
(x) Australia
  ( ) New Zealand
(x) Antarctica
(x) Another dimension, realm, planet, or place of your own creation.

10 of 15

Appearance and abilities
You have an OC with...
(x) Glasses
(x) Freckles or visible birthmarks
() Acne
(x) Scars or burns
(x) Missing or crooked teeth or a gap
(x) Fangs
(x) Wings and/or horns
(x) A tail or tails
() Fins or gills
(x) Magical powers or supernatural abilities

8 of 10

add all those things up and thats our total out of 100
63% of diversity


These time I'm kinda stuck in an artblock and even if I really want to draw something I can't manage to finish something, I have a lot of sketches that I will probably never finish. So I'd like to know if you want to see something particular from me ( new references for my OCS, FNAF scene, Warriors, etc ) or if there are some kind of drawings you wouldn't want me to draw ? 
Also I really want to improve and if you could give me some feedback on my art, what I should improve etc, that would be awesome and really helpfull !

Thanks <3 
This artist is taking free requests, look at the wonderful job she made with my OCs **
for LysitheaWO - complete request by DesiTheWolf
Go watch her, she really deserves it !
Alondranite MYO Event! (48 HR) (CLOSED!!) by LoserDeer Alondranite MYO Event! (48 HR) (CLOSED!!) by LoserDeer Alondranite MYO Event! (48 HR) (CLOSED!!) by LoserDeer